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DNP Fotolusio printers are one of the leading instant printing, high-volume printing machine on the market today. A DNP Fotolusio printer have a low initial investment cost as well as being a low maintenance product. In the competitive and ever growing instant photo and photo booth market a quality printing machine can be the difference between you and your competitors gaining customers.

A Fotolusio printer can improve the speed and quality of your printing, allowing you to increase your business capacity at a low and affordable cost. Compatible with both matte and glossy paper types, your photo booth printing services will be customisable and diverse.

For a demanding photo booth service to be successful you need a printing machine that you can rely on. A Fotolusio printer is the perfect printing machine for those looking for a printer that will be compact, durable and has a high printing capacity. Fotolusio printer prices can vary across models and suppliers. At Industry Traders we aim to provide you with the most competitive Fotolusio printer price in Australia.

These superior machines are low cost to run, meaning the initial Fotolusio printer price will seem a distant memory when you begin to see the savings you gain from switching to a Fotolusio printer. Sublimation thermal printers like the Fotolusio printer allow for clean and true colour printing that is fast and effective for photo booth businesses or anyone looking to print in high volumes.

To increase your printing potential contact one of our friendly experts and learn more about the Fotolusio printer or inquire about a Fotolusio printer price.

Fotolusio Printer