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A dye sublimation photo printer is a computer printer that uses heat to transfer dye to specialised paper. Sublimation printers in Australia were originally only used in the commercial printing market. With the increase in photo booth services and high-paced event photography the demand for dye sublimation printers has increased. At Industry Traders we provide competitive pricing for sublimation printers in Australia.

The home printing market has increased with the changes in technology, leading to a demand for fast high-capacity printers for the home as well as for independent photo booth businesses. Due to the thermal process of a dye sublimation photo printer, all photos that exit the machine are dry and able to be handled immediately. This is a clear advantage over the common inkjet printing techniques which can sometimes leave marks or cause smudges.

A dye sublimation printer consists of minimal moving parts, this means you have less to worry about in terms of mechanics. With less moving parts the likelihood of your dye sublimation printer failing is much lower, making it reliable and perfect for high-volume intense printing required for event photography or photo booth services.

Industry Traders supplies two of the most well regarded brands in sublimation printers across Australia. The award winning Hiti printers and the DNP Fotolusio printers are superior dye sublimation photo printers.

These sublimation printers come in a range of models with varying functions which can be viewed on our website. Our friendly team are willing to advise you on the right dye sublimation photo printer for you or your business. Contact us today to discuss your print machine options.


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