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Industry Traders specialise in the sale and support of premium quality photo booth printers in Australia. We have a range of high quality photo booth printers for sale including the popular DNP RX-1 and the Hiti series. We supply superior and compact dye sublimation photo printers across Australia.

With the increased use of social media and the rise of social photographers in the event photography industry, the demand for inexpensive, quick printing machines has sky-rocketed. Event photo booth printers have become a popular addition to the event and social markets. Desktop size stand-alone dye sublimation printing machines provide almost lab-quality images in only a matter of seconds. This superior technology makes them perfect for busy events where the sale of images needs to be quick and instant.

At Industry Traders we have some of the most renowned brands of photo booth printers for sale in Australia. The unbeatable Hiti and well-regarded DNP Fotolusio photo printers are leaders in the photo booth printing market in Australia. As an authorised Hiti photo printer dealer, we offer genuine Hiti printers and technical support at competitive pricing.

Photo printers in Australia are now readily available to use in your business or even in your home. Easy to maintain, clean printing and cheap running costs make photo booth printers a great addition to your event management business or printing services.We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted Hiti and DNP dealers across Australia. Leading the way with our expert support services and outstanding customer relationships, we aim to ensure our clients receive the specific advice they require to make the right decisions about their purchase. To check out all our photo booth printers for sale, contact our support office for further information or browse our products on our website.

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