New Hiti P750L Dye sub high capacity dye sub printer. For some time Industry Traders team could not understand why this particular printer seemed to print everything just so much better against any other type of dye sub printer. After some further training on this model we discovered Hiti engineers have used a completely different engineering and a first of its kind incorporating science and physics. Never realised just how much gravity and pressures make such a big difference in a print output quality. True in color , sharp and bright vivid REAL tone colors! Gotta get your hands on one of these just to understand our confuss our confusion when we first investigated this printer and what a difference a photo printer like this can make.

 Weighing in at 27kg it is definately not for everyone but rather those clients who need to print large volumes fast in under 7.9s and holding capacity of 1000 prints before requiring any changes.

Industry Traders