Industry Traders

Printer brands and technology play an important role in the quality output of images. A quality product may be the difference between getting a job done and whether you gain repeat customer business. Hiti leads the world with its technology and quality output performance.

When considering a printer many customers view the ongoing cost as a major factor factor in their decision however if a negligent cost comparison is the difference between ensuring you receive repeat business the question begs to be asked, is there really much difference?

Below is a cost comparison analysis on the popular printer brands within the event industries. In a nutshell, a cost difference of $0.02/vend for a much better quality outputis the key to cementing your current business within the various industries.

An online print test case between the DNP RX1 and the Hiti 510 printers can be viewed by clicking here. The new Hiti 520L printer consists of the same quality features as the 510L with a larger capacity, added wireless technology and a mobile app to print from any mobile device. In addition for those concerned with specific sized cabinets the Hiti 520L printer has virtually the same dimensions as the RX1.

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