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Australia’s Top Quality Paper to Suit Mitsubishi Printers


If you are in need of the finest quality in paper roll and ink sheet solutions, you’ve most definitely come to the correct place. The feedback that is received regarding this photo paper is consistently and overwhelmingly positive, so you’re sure to love it as much as our past and repeat customers do. Our selection of choices are suitable for several different Mitsubishi printers, including:


  • CP-9000DW
  • CP-9550DW
  • CP-9800DW
  • CP-9810DW
  • CP-D70DW
  • CP-707DW


The photo paper that we have available has been made to suit a specific model listed above. If you’d like some more information about which is suitable for your needs, please get in touch with us today. At Industry Traders just south of Sydney, Mitsubishi printers are something we know all about, and we’re always happy to assist you.


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For any questions that you may have concerning your setup and what paper you need, be sure to call us directly on (02) 4227 2939 to speak with one of our friendly and helpful staff near Sydney. You can alternatively send us an online enquiry, which we’ll respond to hastily. Offering products of all kinds including photo albums and more, you’re sure to find what you need here!

Mitsubishi CK-D746 (CKD746) 4"x6" media for CP-D70DW and CP-D707DW printers. Print kit contains 2 rolls and 2 ribbons per box, 800 prints total.

With the CPD70DW and CP-D707DW and this media you can reproduce smooth edges and natural images.

Mitsubishi CK-D746 Media 4"x6"

Mitsubishi CK-9046 (CK9046) 4x6 media kit. Print pack contains 600 prints per box. For use with the Mitsubishi CP-9000DW, CP-9500DW, CP-9550DW  and CP-9800DW & CP9810DW Printers

Mitsubishi 4"x6" Media Kit CK-9046 (CK9046)